Earn up to 25% commission from sales and get a free gift for your fandom


Exclusive Personal Art Week

Every week, we collaborate with just one artist to develop custom products and share unique creations with their followers

What's Blue Catcher?

High quality prints

Each piece features a top material with a gallery-quality print on it. We have a simple rule, if we don't love it and use it ourselves, we won't sell it to our customers.

How it works


Yes, according to the information provided earlier, you will be responsible for providing the pictures required for product production. Please make sure that the provided materials meet the relevant requirements and recommendations to ensure optimal display and quality of the produced products.

Yes. Our team handles all aspects of product design and production, ensuring that your artwork will not be misused. Additionally, we will only use your artwork images during the collaboration period.

Based on the types of products, we suggest that you provide a minimum of four images

For accounts related to product video production, we will send samples.

For accounts focused on imagery, we currently do not provide samples.

You will receive a complete followers purchase list and a full shopping screenshot of the website backend by email after the event.

Once your followers confirm receipt of their purchases, you will be able to withdraw commission via PayPal within 30 days from the end date of the art week.

Submit my work

Provide clear artwork images, with a minimum quantity of 4 images. The more artworks you provide, the more choices the customers will have. We recommend providing 6-8 artworks for the best results.